This Should Probably Be Said.

Maybe two days ago I linked my Twitter feed to my WordPress page, although this is only my second time posting to this. I still haven’t decide what to do with it. But regardless, my tweets are sporadic, plentiful and extremely homosexual. Not that it bothers me in the least, but it probably bothers someone else (or many someone elses) in the world. So as a formal statement, I will declare to the readers of this blog that I am indeed gay. You can’t tell from the blog content here because there isn’t any. But whatever becomes of this WordPress experience, you’ll slowly be learning.

You’d learn faster if you follow me on Twitter. It’s like a never-ending reminder. The blog I’m currently doing upkeep on ( will let you know as well. My poems are often flashing, neon signs as well. But enough! I’m gay. My gay tweets are gathered on the sidebar of my gay WordPress blog. I just figured I’d say a little about it.

Until next time.


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