Zero to Hero: Day One – Who Am I?

Hello. Hi. Bonjour. Welcome.

Zero to Hero seems like something for the new to blogging. As in, “I made my first blog Jan. 1 and I want to do this!” I’ve had too many blogs to remember and kept up with hardly any of them, so I’ve done this before, but I’m still fairly an amateur…if you care to ask me. Day One’s objective is to let you get to know me. So here you go:

I’m Glenn and at the time of this posting, I’m a undergraduate senior in college at the University of Minnesota majoring in English. My minor is in Interdisciplinary New Media Studies through our Journalism school. So that’s education. I’m 22 (today actually. WOO!). I enjoy writing, but I mostly do poetry these days. I dabble in music: I’m a part of an a cappella group on campus called Vocal U and it’s a blast. I’ve also done choir for the longest; four years in high school (became the president) and then two-ish years in college. I make videos for YouTube. Super amateur, but as of this year, I’m changing some things up so hopefully it’ll become even greater! I identify as gay. I like to mention that up front so people aren’t all butthurt (no pun intended) when it comes up later. And it surfaces a lot, trust me. I like to think I’m generally a simple guy, but often times I complicate things on accident. It’s this talent I never asked for.

Why am I blogging instead of keeping a journal? I used to keep journals all the time and that was during a time when I had a lot of secrets to keep. I was coming to terms with my sexuality and that’s not something someone can always be comfortable sharing when it’s so new. These days, I’m pretty sure about myself (most times) and blogging is a way to continue to write and put things out into the world. Practice for eventually having a novel or anthology of poetry published one day. I also like to think that blogging helps people in similar situations. It’s hard to find people to talk to or understand sometimes, so if you just put it out there, maybe someone can have that help without having to cross a line they’re not ready to cross quite yet. (By the way, I’m always willing to chat. ^^)

I thought this would be another place to post poetry, but then it became something of venting place. So that’s what it seems to be: telling stories of my life and why it’s bothering me and whatnot. I like it this way.

So welcome. Feel free to stay a while. I’d love to have you.


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