Zero to Hero: Day Six – Elements

Hey again. It’s been a few days. That’s usually how it goes. I’m still participating in Zero to Hero, but I didn’t find it necessary to post when I added a widget or checked out my neighborhood. I didn’t exactly do it in the order shared with us, but they did happen. As a matter of fact, one of the new “neighbors” has partially inspired this post!

Day six is about adding elements to posts –audio, videos, or photos –to spice up blog posts. Excellent idea. But before I made it to this blank page, I read an entry from Travelholics’ Anonymous who is currently studying abroad in France. We’re actually almost REAL neighbors (Germany & France. No? Okay.) Of course it got me thinking:

WHY THE HELL DIDN’T I RUN AWAY TO FRANCE?! I’ve spent about three days looking at rideshare opportunities to go to Prague to see a friend, or about two hours away to meet another friend, but I could have gone to PARIS!

Avenue des Champs-Élysées

It’s about a six hour drive from my house in Germany, but I’ve taken a five hour car ride with strangers to Hamburg to meet someone. Why couldn’t  I have taken six to explore Paris on my own? These always come too late. Now here’s the thing: I was looking for some adventure, but it doesn’t have to only be when I’m here in Europe. I feel much more comfortable in Europe (which is odd considering my non-English language skills are similar to that of a toddler.), but there are worlds to explore back in the United States. And I will be exploring them soon enough. Life is headed in that direction and I’m making decisions now that will actually without a doubt affect my life post-college. Isn’t that exciting?

This post didn’t turn out to be what I wanted. It started as a “Wow look at people living their dreams and doing interesting things” and instead it turned into “You kinda fucked that one up too, now didn’t you?”

Sounds about right. But look! Media! My task here is complete. For now.


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