.2 Temporary is Relative

How long is “temporary?”

This has been a word that I’ve become very acquainted with over the past few months. It is both hope and an obstacle. Specific and hella vague. Just how much time does “temporary” cover?

It’s all relative. Temporary in the space of a month could be a single day or two weeks. In the space of five years: a single month or two years. Everything in the world is fake. We just have to suspend belief well enough to survive.

I’m currently on a five-month plan. Within the next month, I want to get a full-time job and start saving money. At the end of the year/beginning of next year (approximately five months), I want to move out of my parents’ place and start my singular adult life. Five months is temporary in the span of my life (which is hopefully much longer than these five months!). This month between college and working full-time is momentary as well. I just have trouble remembering that. Although I want to work hard and get things done, there’s really nothing I can do from here. Things will change once the move is over.

I’m not very pleased with the thoughts I’ve been having. Hopefully something more interesting and well thought-out will arise for tomorrow’s journal-esque entry.

Thanks for reading.


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