.6 What Will Become of Us?

Today we finally arrived where we need to be. This is the place my family will be for the next few years. This is where I’ll be for only 5-6 months, if I’m lucky, but the first thing I thought of after leaving the airport was “where the hell are we?”

I’ve grown up in small towns most of my life, but driving through wherever we did to get to this base was underwhelming at best. Also the weather is crazy humid. I don’t think I’ve experienced humidity on this level before. I enjoyed the last small town I lived in (where I graduated from), and it was fairly not-happening, but that seemed below that. But after driving around today, there may be hope for it yet. I’m not convinced this is where I need to be, though. I don’t think I belong here on any level, but I have time to figure things out.

Tomorrow we start our house hunt and I’m just hoping that we can find something very quickly. The sooner we start piecing together our new life, the better I think things can be. We shall find out soon enough.



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