.8 Get Together

Today was both very short and very long.

After briefly looking at another house that probably won’t be our pick, we spent around two hours trying to find out what was in this little town near a gated community we viewed when we first arrived. The drive was long and probably too much to handle for a daily commute back and forth so those houses might not be chosen, however extremely nice they definitely were. Or maybe we’ll have to suck it up and just get cars with better gas mileage. After that little excursion, we spent the evening at my uncle’s house and had the most amazing time.

I met a 14-year-old girl who is sooo me, but she also reminds me of my best friend Phoenix. The way they interact with people and even some of their music taste is similar. Makes me miss all my friends, wherever they are. Also there were so many just legal men there that I think my hormones just shut down because I was totally chill. I was also drinking basically the entire time so I had a distraction. It was just nice to participate in watching the neighborhood husbands light fireworks in the cul-de-sac with the kids playing with sparklers and people sitting around chatting. We don’t get many lifelong friends of that sort because we’re always moving. We’ve never been a family that entertains guests either. It was just refreshing.

After today, I felt better about being here. And I keep having moments like that. I’m not entirely pleased with the state of things, but these little moments of “it’ll be okay” are necessary if I’m going to survive the next five-six months.

Maybe there’s a little piece of community out here, just for me.


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