.10 & .11 Not Much to Plenty

Sunday was very chill. I spent the entire day on the bed in the hotel room watching Disney Channel with my brother. I didn’t realize how much it had changed, but it’s not surprising since it’s been about four years since I last watched. So even if I had posted last night in my sleep stupor, there wouldn’t have been much to say.

Today -Monday-,however, was basically everything we tried to do last week happening all at once. We spent every day last week looking for a house to move into. Today we found one that suits us well and started the paperwork.
Before we left Germany, we sold one car and the other car died after that so we needed to purchase one soon so we could get around to jobs and whatnot. Today the parents purchased a new family vehicle so we now have a set of wheels all our own. So two out of like three major things on the to-do list have been crossed off. My list is still lacking check marks because I have different goals, but this is a start. The only downfall is that getting my license may be difficult until next week. And also we can’t move into this house until the end of the week. So the four of us are sharing one hotel room until then.

Not ideal,but definitely cheaper and a step closer to being able to do what needs to be done.


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