.13 Countdown

Friday is when we get to move into our house that we officially can call ours. You have no idea how excited I am to have a room to myself after two weeks of single room hotels and roll-away beds. Granted, at least I have a place to stay, but I’m definitely ready for this upgrade.

Today was a relatively good day for me. The negativity I was feeling was so much less present than it has been. I played in my hair this morning (which may seem odd, but I’m learning to style my hair with a flat-iron), repeatedly played Kingfisher by PHOX on YouTube, and overdosed on HGTV shows. Naturally I freaked out about not hearing back about a job still, and even a new thing: so many of my favorite musicians are coming nearby but I shouldn’t be buying tickets, I should be buying a car or an apartment to GTFO from under my parents! I know what I need to do but it would just make this new life that I’m displeased with a little bit sweeter.

I’ve been chatting with some really cool guys from the area…well one from a nearby city and one who is here on business but actually lives in Ohio (interesting story. oh, boy.) and that’s been very nice. I thought I made a friend but I think he’s more into me than I wanted and he was mad I didn’t want to chat with him on the phone last night (after we had a 2+ phone call Monday night)…I’m not concerned at all.

I’m super thankful for a day where I didn’t feel so heavy-hearted, but I’m still definitely counting down the days until I’m closer to what I was initially hoping for.

ps: I figured out what I’m actually terrified that I’ll get a job somewhere just to make money to save, and then I’ll end up stuck here, in that job, and never get anywhere in life. I think just living gives me anxiety sometimes.


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