.14 Outlook

Thursday came and Thursday is on its way out. This means tomorrow night I’ll be in the new house, in a room of my own.  Until Sunday night, I won’t have any internet access which is a damper on this (mostly) daily blogging journal thing I’ve going on. I’ll try to post from my phone, but T-Mobile has not been the best at giving me coverage out here in what feels like deep country sometimes. Otherwise, I’ll just binge post everything once I have Internet, in order of days.

Regardless, today was yet another rough day for me. These mood swings of mine aren’t any easier to regulate.  I think it’s mostly because I’m still just waiting around for the chance to get my life together. It’s requiring a bit of patience that I simply don’t have for myself anymore. Not doing what I initially planned to do right after college has been the BIGGEST damper on my self-esteem. I am trying, but I keep forgetting to find the pockets of happiness in my days. I need a reminder much more often this days than when I was stressing about college classes.

I’m hoping the change of space will be eye-opening and give me a much-needed, positive perspective on this new chapter in my life.


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