16. Whelp

Today I woke up in the most amazing mood. The sunlight was streaming through my window right on me and I was just naturally ready to get up at 8 am. I think having my own room, i.e. personal space, did the trick. I didn’t have to worry about someone else being awake or disturbing someone with my habits. I started the morning how I wanted.

My family is basically camping out in this house we’ve started renting because our furniture doesn’t arrive until August. We don’t have Internet (it’s being setup Sunday afternoon) and we also don’t have hot water. The lack of hot water sent us on a field trip to my uncle’s house were we did a round of showers which was kind of amusing to me. The remainder of today was used killing time by way of board games. I won Apples to Apples and my brother destroyed at Sorry. Monopoly couldn’t even be played because our uncle’s set didn’t have money inside the box!

But just as lovely as today started, the night has come to end with me feeling irritable and tired. My dad’s temperament is a bit irritating sometimes and strikes nerves, and as I’m the most sensitive person in the household currently (thank you conglomeration of events that is My Life), I didn’t play along well. But I did what needed to be done, and here I am ready for bed. I guess this is a reminder that things come in pairs. With the good, there is bad, and it works conversely. Nothing is really as I would wish it now, but there’s a pocket of good coming my way, hopefully very soon.

Here’s hoping tomorrow is another positive day.

ps: The house is STILL not completely painted. The 63-year-old man who is painting all alone refuses to let us help (even though he should have been done this previous Friday at the latest). Also he’s not coming back until Monday to finish. Whelp.


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