.17 Coming To You Late

This entry is for Sunday, but I fell asleep before I could document my day. And then all day Monday I just fucked up and forgot. Oops.

Sunday was the day the Internet came into our lives again! And ze was welcomed with open arms.

I caught up on a just a couple of the vlogs I like to watch. I finished the rest of a movie I’ve been trying to watch for months now: Presque Rien, also known as Come Undone in the US.
*sidenote* That doesn’t even make sense…the translation would be Next to Nothing or Almost Nothing. That’s not even close.* The movie is a French, LGBT film (because that’s what I like to use Netflix for: gay movies kthxbai) but I think I missed a lot of context from having to read the subtitles. My French listening skills are terrible (as are all my French skills to be perfectly honest). It’s on the edge of being a dark movie, and I’ve found that I’m a bit into movies with troubled characters with people trying to save them or continuing to tear them apart. Keep the Lights On is another similar movie to that and I really enjoyed it. LGBT-themed. Drug usage. American, though.

The HIGHLIGHT of Sunday was finally getting to video chat with my best friend Amber from high school. We G+’d (G plus’d) for hours! I didn’t know how much I just needed to speak to a friendly face. Granted I’ve been in contact with all of my college friends since I left Minneapolis and even Amber while I was in Germany, but it was good to see her and just be weird after not talking for basically two weeks. I complain a lot (as I’m sure you know) and she is just one of the many people in my life that can take it for what it is and sometimes help me work through my bullshit.

That is invaluable. I have a lot of bullshit that probably shouldn’t be bullshit.

Sunday, you did not fail me. I am grateful.


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