.20 Progress

Today I felt like I was taking a positive step in the direction of being independent. And I did, however small it was.

A couple of days ago I submitted my resume and an application to work as a bookseller. I was told by a friend of mine that a follow-up call to the employer is a good way to show that you are interested in the job so I phoned in. The first employee took my name and number to set aside for the person setting up interviews, and I called back later at his request to speak with the actual interviewer. She informed of their intentions and said she’d definitely pull my resume and take a look as they schedule interviews for next week.

Is that not progress?!

It’s not the biggest step I’ve ever taken, but it does feel good to know that potentially I’ll be hired somewhere soon. And with books! I fucking love books! It may not push me forward career-wise, but within my hierarchy of needs, this will provide me a place to start building a solid foundation.


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