.21 My Five Month Plan

I’m currently preparing myself to endeavor on what I’ve un-originally called “The Five Month Plan.”

Since I moved back in with my parents, I have been wracking my brain to figure out how to get out of here quickly and feasibly. The plan is simple: get a job by the end of July, work full-time, and save entire paychecks (from living at home sans bills). Once the new year rolls around, I’ll gather my savings and see which of my desired locations I can move to and begin my own adult life.

There are many flaws with this plan, the first being that five months is not a long time to save money to move out and start over. Even with my parents allowing me the wondrous thing that is living like I’m in high school all over again, there will still be plenty of ground needing some green covering. The second flaw is that I’m not sure exactly where I want to go. I’ve entertained thoughts of Seattle for a year now, but the cost of living is ridiculous and rent averages near $1200. I can’t even begin to think about how someone even thinks about making a payment that large for a small apartment! (Minneapolis is looking 12x better right about now.) The third flaw is that I’m not trained for a specific job field, so transferring jobs would be harder; finding a new job may be difficult and my style of living would -of course- drastically change again.

So what do I need to do?

1: Make a decision.
– I need to make a list of potential places I want to go. And when I think of them, research them and figure out why they may or may not be good choices.

2: Find a plausible place to rent.
– There’s no guarantee that the place I find will be available when I need it, but it’s a nice safe start to have a goal to work towards: first and last month’s rent and a solid amount to live on until I find a job for a fresh cash-flow.

3: Take a chance.
– And this seems crazy to include, but I may need a reminder. I’m waiting until I see that things in my life are lined up well for living on my own. That’s a luxury a lot of people don’t have. But if I keep waiting until things are “just right” I’ll never get out and live my own life. Something will work out, but I have to give it a shot. I can’t complain and then never do anything.

Looking at things a little broken down, this may be less terrifying than I thought. I become overwhelmed easily, so simply thinking of somewhere I want to go is a nice place to start.

And we’re off.


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