.22 Sports?


I know what a sport is, and I could tell you what you call a score in the more popular ones, but otherwise I’m useless. My brother, on the other hand, breathes sports. And so does my dad. I think my mom is always quite a bit more into sports than I am, so basically I’m left behind. And upon moving here to NC, my uncle’s youngest son is also into sports! I just won’t catch a break.

Tonight my cousin had a tournament game because he’s on a traveling team and we went to support him. First off: I never knew 14 year olds could build that much muscle. It’s creepy. I want to make my body do that without any work at all. Talk to me.
Second: they played very well, although they didn’t win.

The entire time I was watching, I’m literally just watching. I know points, and I know you shoot baskets. I had to ask how many quarters there were (tournament game was only 2 quarters of 16 minutes! Which I was told is not standard. Hashtag learning.) but otherwise, I could have passed like I was super involved.

What I did learn is that I’m a little competitive. I’m muttering under my breath and my brother is laughing at me. I don’t care for sports, but I was never a winner growing up so I’d like to win! It’s natural. But I also get anxious watching sports. When the team I’m rooting for is down, I’m just like OH NOO SOMEBODY HELP. I honestly don’t understand.

But it was a good time and two other, completely unrelated things came out of it! 1: tomorrow my uncle is bringing over bows so we can shoot targets with arrows! 2: tomorrow evening, I should be receiving a phone call from a new friend of mine. That could be good, or really awkward.

I think staying busy is what’ll get me through this period of life. Distraction is key.


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