Where Did I Leave Off?

We know how I do this thing. I write fairly consistently for a while and then disappear for months on end. The only sign of my existence is the updating Twitter widget on the side of this blog where all my neurotic thoughts, tragic events, and exciting news updates many times a day. How have you been?

I came here to write and save poetry in the drafts portion of WP, but I find myself writing an actual post. This is the most writing I’ve done in a while. My poetry was off and on for April 2015 for National Poetry Writing Month, but also faded just as quickly as the month did. I miss saying something. Whether people are reading it or not, it was always nice to feel like I said something and said it fairly well.

I’ve been living a lot of life, and quite a few things have changed since my last posting in September 2014. I’ve moved. I loved and lost. I’ve been gained a job twice, and quit a job once. I’m planning on moving again. I’m attempting to go on dates with guys. Sometimes I really feel like I’m living a life, and many times I feel like I’m wasting away. I think I may be doing it a bit wrong, this building/crafting/living a life. But I’m doing it and I’m very proud of that. Doesn’t seem like it often enough, but it’s amazing what I’ve begun for myself.

So it’s been a good minute and this definitely isn’t the most eloquent of returns, but I think I’ll be showing my faces around here some more. It’s about time I got back to writing.